Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

Register to blog RSS Feed

The first phases will we do to create a RSS Feed is a blog with a blog to register www.feedburner.com site as a service provider creating RSS feeds. Here is a complete guide:

1. First go to the URL address http://www.feedburner.com

2.The next choose options page on the blog site.

3.Register yourself on the site by selecting the register

4.Fill your indentity with complete data in the registration that is provided

5.If complete select Sign In button and enter your username and password.

6.The next enter your blog URL address as an example http://cyberbangka.blogspot.com

7.If completed select the button next Select option

8.The next RSS Feed Identify the Source button and click next.

9.The next you live the options that are available to complete.

Happy to try and hopefully succeed.

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  1. mantap bro, keep in ur english !
    jgn lupa setelah min 10 posting daftarkan ke google adsense. semngat ui .. maen paid review ok klo la >> PR 3. biar tmbh keren

    saran : rapikan paragraph tulisa, cari template yg simple gk berat, dan minimalkam gambar yg kapasitas e besar. jdi lelet pas buka e kelak.

    sep. tha2 ..


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