Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Indonesia safe for foreign tourists?

Post-detonation bomb in the hotel Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot Indonesia again the eyes of the world famous. Not because of the achievements such as the invention of advanced technology or the political system is good but due to a handful of people who called terrorist.

Are there any safe place in Indonesia? so that foreign tourists feel safe and comfortable in our country.

Radical groups which have sought by the police make terror everywhere. Groups led by men who called home malaysia Noordin Mohammad Top, or better known as Noordin M. Top.

Have not lost in our memories, the case of blasting in Bali that killed hundreds of people, we now return sorrow. Due to this radical action is very heavy indeed to increase the number of tourists who want to come to Indonesia. While Indonesia has a rich tradition and nature that is extraordinary and there is no both of them. Bali is one of the icons of tourism of Indonesia is famous the eyes of the world. Indeed, there are tourists who want to come to our country but it is accompanied by feelings of fear and worry.

With the catastrophe of terror by the police indicated as Noordin M. Top and we really feel very happy, because the terrorist leader has been caught. Right or wrong shoot that he was dead. Raid conducted by Densus 88 Mabes POLRI produce results after a stakeout for hours.

We hope that the news is exciting tourism climate in Indonesia, again significantly.

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