Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Baby Care Tips from A Mom

"What helpful baby care tips can I find?” “How do I best take care of my baby?” “Where do I find trustful advice on taking care of newborns?”. These are most frequently asked questions from new moms like you! What’s your most pressing concern about caring for a newborn? Is it about…

*) Newborn nursing and the benefits of breastfeeding?
*) Nappy changing and avoiding diaper rash ?
*) Infant constipation and how to deal with it?
*) Selecting a good pediatrician?
*) Best tips for your infant safety?

Whether it’s your first, second, or third baby, find the best baby care tips here! And whether you have a premature newborn or not, learn about dealing with colic, vaccinations, best baby formulas, sleeping problems and solutions, travelling with your baby, hiring an experienced and trustful nanny and much, much more…

Are you a new mom?

You should know that even experienced moms can feel overwhelmed at times by the endless challenges of caring for a newborn… As you probably know already, there’s more than you could ever imagine to taking care of newborns! That’s why this site gives you helpful baby care tips, just when you need them.

Why would you listen to me?

Well, because I give you valuable tips and advice from my own experience. After giving birth, my most pressing concern was caring for a newborn. While in the hospital, the nurses helped me take care of my baby. They had all kinds of helpful tips for me... But after I got home, I had to take care of my baby without any help.

Like you, I wanted to be confident that I did everything right for my precious one so that she grows up to be a healthy, happy and vibrant child. So I’ll share with you all that I’ve learned, provide you with support, encouragement , helpful tips and much more....

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