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How to Take Care of Your Child

The health of a baby lies in the amount of care a parent takes. If neglected the child's health and even life may be under jeopardy. Even the slightest of the negligence can affect the child's progress in terms of
academics and personal life . Thus below mentioned are some good tips for parents to take care of their children.

1. Maintain Healthy Eating Habits
Due to improper eating habits, children all around the world are growing to be either malnutritioned or suffering from some kind of disease. During childhood, its vitally important that parents pay attention to skin, eyes, bones and internal organs like liver and kidneys as these are some of the parts of the body that are weak amongst children. No matter how resistant your child is against eating vegetables, you have to make sure that he eats some in every meal. Eating vegetables will keep your child against diseases like color blindness, bery bery, that are commonly seen in children.

2. Exercise
Since a lot of children are growing obese, or suffering from various other weaknesses, it becomes the duty of a parent to make their children exercise regularly. Exercises not only allow their limbs to grow stronger, but also build stamina and improve their resistance against diseases.A good way to exercise would be to play a sport that involves running.

3. Love and Affection
Children expect a lot of love and attention from their parents. When deprived of love and affection, children feel hurt quickly and easily. Some times children also grow up to be insecure individuals, who are not very confident as well. The minds of children quickly perceive what their minds tell them, as they have no way to define the truth, from what they see through their eyes. These children, who are deprived of love, may also need psychiatric attention, due to constantly being neglected. Parents must keep a close eye to their children, and spend quality time with them to understand what their child needs to avoid such psychological diseases.

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